Mailing Lists – They’re Not Just For Computers

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The term “mailing list” and indeed many variations on the word “mail” have become more or less synonymous in recent years with e-mail. This is an interesting development, because companies have been using mailing lists since long before the advent of the Internet. In this day and age there is no reason for that to change, when in actual fact there is still a benefit to sending things out in the actual mail – the one that requires no computer.

Building a contact list is something that every company should be looking to do. With the right contacts it is possible to reach a market and get information across to them in a considered way which lets them come to the decision you want them to make. How you go about getting those contacts is a matter for you, but many companies will do it by providing a comments slip with every product they sell. When the customer fills it in and sends it back, you have their details.

If you operate a mail order service, then you have the addresses of past customers. This makes it easy to send them information on more services and products that they might be interested in, and clue them in on special offers. You can do this by sending a flyer, or by writing a more personal letter which speaks directly to the customer as a person. In doing this, you retain an element of trust and straight-talking which can persuade a lot of people to do business with you.

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