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Being A Face In The Community

The majority of offline marketing must by necessity be done in the local area to be efficient. In this respect, it is beneficial to make yourself as much of a local face as it is possible to be without everyone getting sick of you. Getting your picture in the paper on a regular basis is good. Getting your face in the paper with a headline above it saying “Local Blowhard Puts Nose In Other People’s Business Again” might not be so positive. Being a community face is […]

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Mailing Lists – They’re Not Just For Computers

The term “mailing list” and indeed many variations on the word “mail” have become more or less synonymous in recent years with e-mail. This is an interesting development, because companies have been using mailing lists since long before the advent of the Internet. In this day and age there is no reason for that to change, when in actual fact there is still a benefit to sending things out in the actual mail – the one that requires no computer. Building a contact list is something that […]

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Literacy In Marketing – A Dying Art?

One of the most depressing sights in all of marketing is that of a company trying to appear to be “just like you”. There has been a rise in recent years in the number of companies who make advertisements that try too hard to position the company as “the customer’s friend” and perhaps the most galling example of this is when companies resort to “txt spk” – the abbreviated form of language which is commonly used in text messages to fit into a character limit. In advertising […]

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The Creative Evolution Of Offline Marketing

In the olden days, products were sold personally. They were marketed through cajoling, persuasion, and to some extent even manipulation. This is somehow humiliating on the part of the seller, especially if he is not born as a natural salesperson. This is also annoying to the targeted customer. Such marketing strategy wastes a lot of time and effort, both on the part of the seller and the buyer. With the advent of new technologies, new products and services were developed and invented. This gives rise to the […]

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